Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear stranger who may have disabled my bike's brakes:

Hey, settle down! Take it easy! I'm not saying you did it one way or another! It's possible that when I was locking up my bike, the brakes were bashed too hard against the metal fence I locked it to and they detached of their own accord. That's very possible. Hell, anything's possible! Anything in the world! It's totally possible that fitting the bike a little too snugly to the the fence as I locked it totally dislodged my front brake and partially detached the rear so that I had only one functional brake as I started riding. That is, until the rear completely crapped out so that I found myself with no functioning brakes as I was zooming towards the roundabout north of the park. That's very possible!

It just feels like I've locked it to a lot of things in the past, and this has never happened. And by "feels like," I mean, in reality, it has literally never ever  happened. But it's a crazy old world! Really crazy! I mean, the opening on the metal piece that holds the brakes together is just so tiny and is so hard to undo and reattach, it's nutty that it was undone at all, let alone accidentally!

The odds must be crazy high that this could even happen! Unless someone came along and saw a bike locked up and detached the front brake forced the rear cable part of the way out and then left it there like that. The odds of something like that happening would probably be a lot better. Not that I'm trying to say you did it! I can't say I know that you did it!
I mean, how can anyone really even know anything? I heard a physicist on the news once talk about how there could be parallel universes, and how the other universes would be similar to our own, because matter and particles and bikes and strangers with ill intentions could only be arranged in so many ways, and so a lot of ways would look similar. But I'm sure all the yous in all the universes just walked on by and didn't even touch my brakes! Because why would you? Who could want to trick some poor girl into biking at a high speed late at night without realizing her brakes have given out?! And I mean, it's not even a big deal. I can learn to bike like this. It's probably like learning to stop on hockey skates after always wearing figure skates. There'll just be a little more skidding than I'm used to.

Oh, so this is your car? That's a nice car. Is this where you usually park? Most every day? Why? Oh, no reason.

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