Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Again? There oughta be a law.

4 is the loneliest number
Brett Favre is in trouble again! I keep hearing news stories about how teens need to learn to be careful about what they put into text online/on phones, but I think that famous people need that lesson more. But these new texts from Favre, they didn't even sound that lewd. He was implying that he wanted to have a threesome, and that was about it. Weirdly, at first I thought, "Whatever. Is this even harassment?" I guess it is, though. I'd be pretty upset if I was working with someone and they texted me late at night hinting that they wanted to have a threesome with me. Or without me, in fact. I don't need to know that much about people I'm working with.

What makes it seem like not that big a deal is that 1) there was no picture of a penis, so it's already way below the grossness bar the earlier texts set so high and 2) people working together have sex with each other all the time. This is true, I've seen TV shows. It seems possible that someone working with Brett Favre might want to have a threesome with him. Probably not anymore. But like a year ago, maybe. Does he just have to wait for the girl(s) who wants to have the threesome to bring it up? That doesn't seem fair either.

I think there should be some kind of rule for this. A Propositioning Coworkers Rule. Maybe a federal law. Maybe you should be able to solicit people you work with, not in a lewd way, in a polite, respectful way, once a year. You get a shot, annually. How about for both dates and also sex. A man could ask his cute coworker if she'd like to go out to coffee. He has one shot a year. She can say no, please don't ask again, and he has to wait a year. A woman could politely inquire as to whether the guy with a good body at her office would like to join her in a threesome. And he can say yes or he can politely say, "No, thank you, that's flattering, but I'd rather we kept things professional," and that would be that.  Everyone could mark their calendar to remember when they get to take another crack at it or when the person they turned down is going to be able to proposition them again. It would be like remembering your annual review. And if the person who turned the propositioner down changed his or her mind, then s/he can do the propositioning. I just think it would keep things more organized. Then determining sexual harassment is neat and easy. Was he suggestive at you within 12 months of the last time he was suggestive at you? Well that's against the law. Easy peasy. I don't know why this isn't already how things are.

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