Thursday, November 4, 2010

I feel like I have to buy a pair of boots

I guess boots have been around for a while. Definitely they've been around since pirates existed, maybe even before. And it seems like they've sort of been in style the past few years? I'm not really sure, I don't follow these things. But I feel like this fall, every girl I see on the street is in boots. All of them. I'm sort of worried that any day now, someone on the sidewalk will grab me by the front of my jacket and scream "Sneakers?! Get the fuck out of here!" Or I'll walk into my office and my boss will say "Flats, Linnea? You're fired." So I've been shopping around online for boots since going into an actual store fills me with paralyzing shopping anxiety. Here are the kinds of boots I'm trying to decide between.

Cowboyish Boots
People have been wearing these for a while now. My roommate some sort of like this freshman year, I think. But that just makes them appeal to me more, because maybe I could wear them indefinitely without them going out of style. And I already have a sweet belt buckle, so this seems like a viable option. I'd be ready for anything. If shit gets really crazy, I could just grab a mounted cop's gun, jump on his horse and ride out of the city, guns blazing. Maybe shooting criminals or terrorists or whoever.

Flat Boots
Flat appeals to me. I don't think I've worn heels for more than three hours total in the past two years. And anything that I feel like a Lord of the Rings character in I'm really really on board with. 

Over-the-Knee Boots
When I was a young'un, we called boots that looked like these hooker boots. And only the sexiest girls/girls with the most negligent parents had them. But Jesus Christ, they didn't go up that far. According to the internet, these are OTK boots. Over the knee is way too far. You need some room to breathe. I'm not sure if they're still sexy once they're filled with a quart of sweat.

Ugg Boots
There's always Ugg boots. I really want to look like my parents pay for my yoga class, so this is perfect. Just kidding, that was mean. Canadians get an Ugg boot pass because it's really cold there. But New Yorkers, what is your excuse exactly?

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