Monday, October 18, 2010

Support the Rent Is Too Damn High party

Jimmy McMillan, gubernatorial candidate for New York

It's real. And they have a candidate for New York governor. Everyone registered to vote in New York, this is who you'd better be voting for. He's the only candidate whose top priority is lowering rent in NYC. He's also the only candidate with a combination goatee/connected muttonchops facial hairstyle. That coupled with the black gloves he wore at the debate made him look a little like he'd just strolled up from his carriage and handed his cape and crystal-topped cane to his manservant before stepping up to his podium.

The best videos of him are up on Gawker, including where he stops, puts his hand to his ear and asks: "Listen -- someone's child's stomach just growled, did you hear it?

He's also a karate expert. And if you're looking for a social liberal, the Rent is Too Damn High party's candidate wants you to know that "if you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you."

It took a really special candidate to steal the show from Carl Paladino and the former madam of a brothel Eliot Spitzer once allegedly patronized.

Cuomo seems like kind of a douche. And he threw in a "Go Yankees," I think to seem more human and likeable. Right. McMillan 2010!

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