Monday, October 4, 2010

Shocking TV Plot Twists

The Office: While playing a prank on Dwight inspired by The Blair Witch Project, Jim inadvertently summons the actual Blair Witch. The entire building is thrown into an alternate reality of horror, and the rest of the series' run follows the survivors' attempts at escape. In the series finale, Steve Carrell returns to reveal that Michael Scott was actually the Blair Witch all along... AND THAT DUNDER-MIFFLIN'S EMPLOYEES WERE ALWAYS IN THE HORROR REALM!!!
30 Rock: The show gives up trying and becomes what it was always meant to be - a better-written Cathy. 

How I Met Your Mother: It's revealed that Ted isn't actually telling a story to his son and daughter - that's what's known as a misdirect. Instead, the show has been about Ted telling the woman he just slept with how he met, and banged, her mother. It is later revealed that Ted is actually a time-traveling pussy hound, trying to break the 2502 Guiness World Record for Most Women Slept With In The Same Maternal Bloodline. 

Lone Star: It's not actually canceled. 

Mad Men: After a off-camera leap forward to the present day, the series divests itself of the classic suits, smoking and drinking, and other relics of a bygone age that helped draw viewers in. What remains is a very tightly written and wonderfully acted show about an aged Don Draper trying to convince himself he remains relevant to advertising. Millions stop watching.

Law & Order: In an four hour miniseries, the casts of Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent, along with Sam Waterston, find out that the NYPD has been privatized. Watch as famous stage actors and stunt-cast celebrities play criminals who all end up getting horribly assaulted while in custody, as a Tier One operator looks on.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The entire show turns out to be the dreams of an autistic boy who thinks that it is actually how people treat each other.

Community: When the creators bow to fan pressure and write an episode where Abed and Shirley have sex, the power goes to fans' heads. Soon, every episode of Community is just a fuck-and-suckfest where the leads are divided up through an increasingly improbable series of events, and viewers can tweet to decide just what depraved sex act they'll participate in. Ron Jeremy joins the cast as the Professor of Anatomy.

Entourage: Vince and Johnny and Turtle and E and Ari and Lloyd and Sloan all die. In a fire.
oooh man I bet Ari's gonna yell at that fire so bad and it's gonna be epic, brosephs

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