Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Sister Wives" is under Investigation!

How funny is that?! Really, really funny! At least I think so. Everyone's first thought when they heard about this show had to be "Can you do that?" And the answer is no, no you can't. Polygamy is illegal. And if you do it on TV, people are going to investigate you. Because you're admitting to engaging polygamy on TV. Fucking obviously.

I wish I was some kind of high-powered entertainment reporter so I get the scoop on what these people are getting paid per episode. TLC is ridiculous, because every new show has this premise of "Oh, we just want people to see how we live. We think it's important." And I can't help but read it as "Oh, we just want someone to give us thousands of dollars." These people put their children on television and basically gave themselves over to authorities for money. What kind of people do this? Mormons, apparently! They're as normal as little people, hoarders, and women who didn't realize they were pregnant until they gave birth! Well done there, Brown family. You've done a bang-up job of convincing America of how normal and down-to-earth your lifestyle is.

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