Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There are people called "Winklevoss"

According to every preview I've seen and every reporter who's talked about it, The Social Network doesn't paint a very flattering picture of Mark Zuckerberg. Weirdly, of all the awful things Aaron Sorkin has to say about Mark Zuckerberg, the Today Show anchor covering The Social Network on Monday just kept repeating he is portrayed as "socially awkward." Then the Today segment (I get most of my news from Today,) went on to interview the identical twin entrepreneurs who are suing the Facebook for 65 million dollars, the Winklevoss twins.

I mean, holy shit. Look at them. The Winklevosses. Aaron Sorkin may be trying his best to make Mark Zuckerberg really look like shit (or maybe just trying his best to make a hit movie, I guess,) but it would still take more than all this press to make me feel sorry for these young gentlemen. Let's get an action shot:

Here our unfortunate young victims are rowing at the men's pair final in 2008 Beijing games, a skill they honed in their years on the Harvard rowing team. These boys have come a long way since their childhood on the mean streets of Greenwich, CT. And that evil old Mark Zuckerberg, trying to steal it away from them.

This blog does a fair amount of hating on the rich. We're like a bizarro New York Times -- scorn for the rich instead of lifestyle and travel news, and this thing you're looking at instead of a well-trafficked website. But really, these boys. I tried to wade through the wiki page summary about all the different lawsuits they've been embroiled in about Facebook. There's been beef between their former co-inventors and themselves against Zuckerberg, just the two of them against Zuckerberg, just the two of them against their former co-inventors. Fuck it, let's all just see The Social Network. Real life's too complicated.

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