Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday started early!

In honor of today's hangover, I've created a game. I've provided a list of things that a blacked out person might wake up to discover, and you get to guess which ones have actually happened to me. The answers might surprise you!

"I mixed gin and whiskey last night and this morning I found..."
- myself in a stranger's bed
- that I'd lost my keys
- that I'd lost my wallet
- that I'd lost my cell phone
- that I'd lost my anal virginity
- that I'd stolen a street sign
- that I'd stolen a pint glass
- that I'd stolen a whole bunch of sports drinks and left them all over the counter
- a falafel or slice of pizza from the previous night, and finished eating it
- that I had a black eye
- an El Salvadorian man with his arm around me. Also that I'd fallen asleep on the subway.
- myself in a puddle of vomit
- blood all over the floor and walls
- that I'd set off fireworks on the NH highway
- that I'd slept in swim suit bottoms
- Obama won!
- that I owed a lot of people cookies

Send your submissions to the comments section! TGIF, kiddos!

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