Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School - Science Fair Photos Again

Sorry, kiddos, but summer's almost over. That means bye-bye BBQs and beach parties, and hello schoolwork and schedules.

It also means that by this time next year, there'll be an entire new crop of science fair photos on the internet.

The judge  seems very unimpressed. "So, uh... tulips, right? Forever? That's a lot of tulips. What're you... what're you going to do with these forever tulips?"

haha this one is called A Sticky Situation how do so many kids just end up making boner jokes on their own science fair projects?

Fucking polymers... how do they work what are they?

Man... science fairs were so much simpler in the pre 9/11 days. Mr. Glenn Beck, I'm going to reach out to you and ask that you help me take back our science fairs, to return to a time when all we had were graphs, charts, and puns. also that girl is wearing a headscarf i think she might be a terrorist

Well, it mostly depends on whether or not you can get a good hydroponic setup going without people noticing. You should also consider the fact that growing your own can earn you a much sterner sentence than merely possessing it. Also, I bet the guy leaning in has a good connect, based on his mullet.

"This is my pet, Cowboy Dr. 8! He's pretty much the smartest pet, and he's really good at chess too! Dr. 8, speak!" "bark bark giddyup"

A mundane caption of a mundane photo of a mundane project. I tell you, this blog is so meta it's giving metacarpal tunnel syndrome!

This is from the Twin Cities Creation Science Association's fair. I'm assuming that you can't do any cool experiments in creation science, because that's the only good reason for a science fair project being "Learning About Horses". Shit, my high school community service project was "landscaping a yard" and I think "learning about horses" is lame.

So I'll admit it, I'm not a very smart man. I looked up some of those words on this woman's project title and all I got from the dictionary was "bloop bloop bloop produce". So, congratulations on besting me, young woman. And on your blue ribbon, it goes great with your cotton candy syrup top.

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