Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Mini: "Thoughts," a socially acceptable Twitter

In lieu of a video, here are a few things that I've thought about today:

- Why are dogs so much cuter when they're handicapped? Does anyone else cry harder at when Sassy falls in the water in Homeward Bound than during Saving Private Ryan?

- Try as he might, Fredo the street musician would never get better at playing the steel drum. Maybe "Stairway to Heaven" was a bit ambitious after all.

- Note to coworker: Your soup is telling you that it's too hot to eat, not that you should slurp it really loudly instead.

- What's the word for those anecdotes that aren't true, but people tell them like they are? Like the one time where Winston Churchill said something rude to every woman he ever came in contact with. Except he's a turd, so he probably would've phrased it "with whom he came into contact."

- Dear Sir who called in to make a reservation: If you can't understand the concept of "Monday" and think we are located at "60th Avenue," I don't know what the odds are of you enjoying the show. You're welcome.

- This link:

- I don't think my boss has ever done anything in front of me that would prove she can read.

- "He said 'margs' instead of 'margheritas'? He's so far in the closet he's in fucking Narnia." -Scoots

- We sure talk about Homeward Bound a lot on this blog.


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