Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday Mini: A day late, an editor short

Holy shit, this terrible PhotoShop of Britney Spears is too good to let slide. More importantly, it somehow made it to the cover of Cosmo. Between this glaring gaffe and the feature with Pauly D and The Situation, it looks like I'll be getting a collector's item come August, folks.

Also, "Sex on Your Period (It's So Worth It!)" is now in competition for My All-Time Favorite Headlines, which include "Am I Normal Down There?", "Virgins in Cosmo," and "Kid Clitoris and the Haunting at Hickory Ranch."

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L. said...

I had this Barbie when I was a kid who was decapitated, and the top of her neck broke off in the process. So I had to sort of shove her head back onto the neck stump. Britney looks like her here.

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