Friday, June 11, 2010

The Case for Wayne Knight*

What a charming laugh. "Tintinnabulation" comes to mind.

For most, the name "Wayne Knight" is not instantly recognizable. But explain that he's 'Newman' from Seinfeld, and instantly people's eyes glisten with fond remembrances, as they gaze wistfully at some unknown point in the distance. Despite the ignorance of the public, Knight has amassed arguably one of the best careers in Hollywood. Not only was he in the most popular American sitcom of all time, but he was in Space Jam, a delightful romp if ever there was one. The man had to act against Michael Jordan and a green screen simultaneously! He has the technical mastery of Anthony Hopkins, and more commitment to method than Daniel Day Lewis. Those characteristic black-rimmed glasses? A result of his run-in with the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park. More importantly, a quick check of IMDb reveals that even though he played an electrician in Steve Martin's Cheaper by the Dozen, he went uncredited. Genius!

The fact that he's done great things with supporting roles is obvious. But did you know that he was in JFK, Basic Instinct, AND Dirty Dancing? Neither did I, until I researched this [hastily thrown together] article [because Jesus Christ, it's Friday afternoon; what do you want from me?]. So do yourself a favor, Hollywood, and give credit where it's due. Consider this an official bid for Wayne Knight for the 2011 Lifetime Achievement award.

*(Even though the heading seems like something by Oscar Wilde, the writing certainly doesn't!)

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